In Memory Medeiros Concrete Pumping

Steve Medeiros, a man who left behind a legacy of generosity, integrity and compassion. Founded in ____, Medeiros Concrete Pumping, in the thick of its prime, employed over eighty employees. Steve’s generosity was evident every Christmas, as one of these employee’s lucky families would receive a bonus vacation to Disneyland from the company. Steve Medeiros cared, not only for the happiness of his employees, but for their families’ as well. The company was voted as one of the best places to work by the North Bay Business Journal. His beloved character will be deeply missed by everyone who had the opportunity to know him.

Medeiros Concrete Pumping is currently operating under a new name, Wide Open Concrete Pumping, run by Steve Medeiros’ eldest son, Stevie. Keeping his fathers legacy alive, Stevie Medeiros continues to run the family business with the same character upheld by his father: Generosity, Integrity and Compassion towards his clients, employees, and family.